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Pope County Millage Rates
(How to Compute Taxes)

Arkansas statute sets out how taxes are computed.  Appraised value multiplied by 20% equals assessed value.  Since 2000 when Amendment 79 was passed by the voters of Arkansas, a new value has been created called taxable value.  The taxable value consist of a base value, which is the assessed value prior to first reappraisal after the passage of Amendment 79, plus any caps (5%, 10%, or freeze) and newly discovered property for each year thereafter.  The taxable value multiplied by the millage rate for your school district equals tax amount.

For instance if you have a new house in Russellville School District appraised at $100,000, to estimate your taxes you would multiply $100,000 by 20% to get the assessed value of $20,000.  Since it is a newly constructed house, the taxable value would also be $20,000.  Then you multiply $20,000 by .0457 (total millage for Russellville School District), with a result of $914 as the estimated tax amount.

Personal property taxes are computed the same way.  The Pope County Assessor will assign a dollar value to your personal property based on a manual provided by the Assessment Coordination Department of the State of Arkansas.  The resulting assessed value will be multiplied by the school district millage rate.

Millage rates are levied each November by the Pope County Quorum Court.

2015 Millage Rates

#14 Russellville .04530
#14 Russellville - City .04622
#14 Russellville - Lo .04530
#17 Dover .04800
#17 Dover-Ru .04892
#18 Atkins .04790
#59 Hector .04900
#61 Pottsville .04970
#61 Pottsville-Ru .05062
#27 Dardanelle .04470
#27 Dardanelle-Ru .04562
$39 Lamar .04448
#01 Clinton .04130
#08 Wonderview .04070

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Pope County does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, or disability. 

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