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Pope County Coroner's Office


Mission Statement

This office's mission statement begins with the fine people of Pope County. They have supported this office for many decades. Over time this office has grown and developed with the changing times.

This office will continue to move ahead, with the upmost integrity and honor to investigate and be as diligent as possible.

This office will continue to accept change, and we use that change, to improve our abilities to investigate death scenes.

At the time when a families world is falling apart, we will step into their lives and help them try to cope with this tragic time until such a time, as they are able to stand on their own.

We pledge to do this every hour of every day of every year for the people of Pope County.



            Danny White

                 Pope County Coroner
               #3 Emergency Lane
                 Russellville, AR  72802

                  Office  (479) 968-2558
                 Cell  (479) 886-5054
                 FAX (479) 968-6142

       Email contact: coroner@popecoso.net










    Schools attended by this office include:
St. Louis University  School of Foreign Pathology Basic and Master's Courses
Office of Chief Medical Examiner  New York City
Public Agency Training
Reid Interviewing Techniques
Kinsenic Interviewing Techniques
National Institute for Justice
F.E.M.A. Disaster Preparedness
U of A Criminal Justice Institute
Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) Disaster Preparedness

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers:

Q.  What does the Coroner do?
A.  The Coroner is responsible for determining manner of death (natural, suicide, homicide, accident, or unknown) and cause of death.  In the natural death, what caused the death, heart attacks, stroke, etc.  Suicide, was it caused by a gun? medication? Hanging? or etc. Homicide, was it caused by a gun, knife, car or etc.
Q.  What type of training does a coroner need?
A.  None.  The individual must live in the county for thirty days or more, be 21 or older and win an election.  Here in Pope County, about 5%-10% of my total budget goes to training myself and my staff in death scene investigation.
Q.  What do I do when a family member dies?
A.  First call 911 and tell them your situation and they will help you through the process and then they will call the coroner and he or she will take over.


Pope County does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, or disability. 

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